A CSS framework for web developers who do not have time.


Quick.css is a framework for web developers, like myself, who do not have time to styling but want their web services to look nice.


Why another css framework?

When i make demo applications or websites with simple content, i do not have time to styling them, but i don't like the default styles.

Quick.css allows me to focus on functionalities from the first day of a project. All CSS styles are applied to standard HTML elements.

This framework doesn't require any classes. I just include it in my <head> section and forget about it, while it silently makes everything nicer. In Quick.css, HTML is king while CSS is a supportive element that only makes HTML look better.

Unlike many other CSS frameworks, in Quick.css you don’t have to mention CSS classes in the HTML document. The HTML stays clean and only exposes the data in a pure HTML5 way.

Who could use it?

Quick.css is designed for people which are making a simple page or demo application when they do not have time to styling.

It solves most of the problems associated with responsiveness of forms, appearance of form controls, tables, fonts, and colors.

When your demo is complete, you can spend time to styling. Quick.css gives you an adequate foundation to start from, but if you love simple beautiful page, you have finished.

Got questions? Any troubles?

If you have questions or general suggestions, don't hesitate to submit a new Github issue.